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PrefixNamespace IRI
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owl:DatatypeProperty owl:AnnotationProperty
n15:0 n17:geosparql
The WKT serialization of a geometry
OGC GeoSPARQL 1.0 Standard Working Group
n6:rdf n8:geosparql n12:ttl n16:ttl
The WKT serialization of a geometry
Matthew Perry
The WKT serialization of a geometry
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owl:Restriction owl:AnnotationProperty n11:IdentifierScheme owl:ObjectProperty owl:DatatypeProperty n11:CitationStyle owl:FunctionalProperty n11:AgentRoleType owl:SymmetricProperty owl:Class owl:Ontology rdfs:Datatype owl:NamedIndividual
BCO-DMO Defines the type of relationship between two CreativeWorks such as Methods Paper, Results Paper, Different Version of the Data, etc Guest The description of some Project A description of the dataset. dataciteRelation CreativeWork Relation The value to expect in a Dataset when there was no data for the given record. hasAwardURL A DOI, Digital Object Identifier. isPartOfProgram An ontology for describing metadata about oceanographic data. The Lead Collaborative award in a collaborative project that awarded multiple awards to multiple Organizations. THis field identifies the Lead Award. Project Funding Source Role - Project Coordinator Defines The Datacite-specific elements of a relation between two CreativeWorks 0.9.0 A description of some research activity or research product. Defines The Crossref-specific elements of a relation between two CreativeWorks odo:DatasetMonitoredProperty is an instance of a odo:MonitoredProperty but with project-specific label and definition known by the researcher. odo Student International Collaborator hasProcessingDescription hasAcronym Dataset Type A relationship between two CreativeWorks A textual description of some location. Typically its a generic description, and this should probably be made into an ObjectProperty. An unknown role of the subject of an Agent Role hasDeploymentDates The values in the dataset for this property need to be converted. archiveFile AUV Specifies role some agent played on a certain research activity or product. A pyshical device used to measure, gather, or collect data. An activity for some period of time that under which research is conducted The type of relation between two Creative Works. Scientist The URL at which you can download some DigitalDocument A Chief Scientist of the subject of an Agent Role, usually some Deployment middleName The mimetype for some DigitalDocument hasDataset serializes Identifier Scheme - BCO-DMO isContinuingAwardOf Role - International Collaborator A unit of measure Ocean Data Ontology the title of a Dataset. was using dc:title or dct:title ROV First name of a Person hasParameterShortDescription Dataset An analsyt on the subject of an Agent Role archives A Vessel is deployed during a specific duration of time over a specific spacial coverage. fullName A non-Person agent corresponding to instititutions such as research labs, companies, societies, etc. The created datetime for some Thing A deployment of a certain Platform currentState The date the dataset will be available. Useful for reporting when a restricted dataset will become available. Role - Contact validated The style for a citation of a CreativeWork Formatted text specific to some CitationStyle that describes some CreativeWork Program requiresConversion hasLocation createdDate Funded the research actvity or product. honorific Mooring nickname An NODC accession number Co-Principal Investigator Instrument A styled citation for a CreativeWork forOrganization Data File A dataset generated in the Laboratory. A parameter measured, observed, or collected as part of a Dataset The type of Dataset. Can have multiple types. Could be defined by a group of parameters or the type sof platofrm used, etc. abstract Role - Data Publisher The Dataset this datafile is a representation of The Program which made the Project possible. Was 'hasParentProgram'. Used to define relations between items that are essentially the same work but may differ in format, language, revision ... etc providesAward Role Type Lead Principal Investigator A Person or Organization that performs some role within some period of time Parameter Honorific for a Person. identifierValue Used by odo:DeploymentDataset, odo:Award, odo:Project classes downloadUrl Cruise hasRoleWeight hasCruiseTrajectory Role - Student A title for some Thing A conceptual understanding of what was generally observed or monitored and recorded in a dataset as a parameter. Chief Scientist hasNoDataValue _:vb3458764513820550970 citation A project coordinator of the subject of an Agent Role An aircraft. A textual description of the methodology used to acquire the data. Unmanned Submarine Supplemental Document A Project that is a part of this Program relationshipType The deployment report URL describing the activity of the deployment. This dataset stores values for the specified DatasetMonitoredProperty Model Role - Co-Chief Scientist The DataFile supplements the Dataset by providing contextual information DeploymentDatasetCollection hasProject issueDate DOI Award hasInventory Glider An ArchiveRecord that stores soem CreativeWork A scheme or domain for which an Identifier value uniquely identifies some thing. (example: DOI, ARK, ISBN, Handle, URI, etc) supplementedBy conversionDescription A super class for discovering any type of oceanographic dataset. hasAward Stationary Platform A Contact of the subject of an Agent Role A document that details a plan for managing data as a result of some research activity. The processing description for some Dataset A short name to describe a monitored property fileFormat Role - Principal Investigator The organization at which an agent performing a role was affiliated with. This Platform was deployed on the Deployment Dataset Instrument Role - Analyst A symmetric match for linking between instance data of ODO and coreferences in external Linked Data sets. equivalent to skos:exactMatch and owl:sameAs without the reasoning that makes them inherit each other's properties. hasReportURL producedDataset BCO-DMO Data Manager Laboratory Dataset generatedWork A file that records data for some Dataset. A data file recording the observations and measurements for a dataset. hasDatasetDescription datasetTitle CreativeWork Relation Type A Data Publisher of the subject of an Agent Role A vessel, boat, or ship. wktLiteral The type of Role The research activity or product of which this role is about. Was using dc:subject A published CreativeWork such as a journal article, book chapter, or web page. Role - Scientist checksum The file format for a DigitalDocument An unique value in some domain that identifies the applied thing 2012-01-01 roleType Sub-Contract Award Nickname, or preferred name, of a Person ofPlatforn Project Coordinator A date range for the start and end of a program Intra Crossref Relation hasAgentWithRole Deployment hasProgramDates Data Publisher archivedDate Analyst A term describing the current state of the dataset. The Dataset that was produced as a result of some ResearchActivity The type of relationship defined by Crossref. The bytesize of some DigitalDocument Defines the resource that has replaced this resource. crossrefRelation A funding award provided by an Funding Source (Organization) to a Project. This Award may fund Datasets. Sort ordering for roles An Organization that provides funding Awards to a Project. storesValuesFor The unit of Measure used for a certain MonitoredProperty. In the case of MonitoredProperty where these are conceptual, the unit of measure is considered to the default, or convention, for that property. For DatasetMonitoredProperty, the unit of measure is what was actually used within the Dataset. Platform Title Organization isDeployed Role - Lead Principal Investigator The cruise identifier that uniquely identifies a cruise. This value should be the same as ?x in `:Deployment :hasIdentifier [ :identifierValue ?x ]` Float hasSynonym mimetype Vessel Dataset Collection CitationStyle hasParameterShortName Identifier Scheme - NCEI Accession Specifies how a research activity or product was funded The dateTime at which the citationJSON was retreived and the citationText was auto-generated. An electronic file or document. The date an ArchiveRecord was minted funded A description of a Program. The Organization acting as the archiver of some research product. A collection of one or more DeploymentDatssets. A controlled vocaublary of current states for a dataset Role - Curator The type of Role perfomed by an Agent for some research activity or product. versionLabel The sub-name of some organization Program Manager Identifier Role - Technician Dock lastKnownAffiliation A record describing a version of a Dataset in some Archive. restricted A citation style that determines the structure of a citation NCEI Accession # Contact hasBriefDescription A technician of the subject of an Agent Role hasLogo Role - Captain fromCollection Data Management Plan A date range for the start and end of a deployment A deployment dataset is a dataset that is collected on a specific deployment of a platform from a specific instrument on that platform. An Originator of the subject of an Agent Role alternateName The URL to the authoritative description of a Platform Unit of Measure The Agent performing a certain Role in a research activity or on a research product. The identifier's unqiue value within some scheme or domain. The Identifier at BCO-DMO The set of ordered coordinates forming a geometry (usually MultiPoint) representing the path taken by a Cruise. Manned Submarine matches the synonym for seom Deployment Identifier Scheme Person A scientist of the subject of an Agent Role Curator hasDeploymentDescription hasDataManagementPlan FileFormat hasSerialNumber Aircraft citationStyle Citation The checksum value of some DigitalDocument for some checksum algorithm performedBy Defines the concept for which the subject is a realized instance. Vehicle The modified date of some Thing A relationship between two Creative Works that details how they are related This Award is a continuation of a pre-existing Award An award made to one or more Agents to perform some Research Activity specifies that a Dataset is part of some DatasetCollection Synthesis A URL to some smallish image file The Captain of the subject of an Agent Role, usually some Deployment. Role - Co-Principal Investigator Research Activity hasProjectDates Describes how the values can be converted. A large-scale project that encompasses smaller Projects. A document that further contextualizes aor supports the understanding of another CreativeWork such as a cruise report. hasLeadCollaborativeAward bytesize Grant Award An NCEI Accession number A Co-Cheif Scientist of the subject of an Agent Role, usually some Deployment The deployment from which this dataset was collected. dataFile Agent A Curator of the subject of an Agent Role hasAwardNumber The roles performed by a certain Agent A student of the subject of an Agent Role A funded, scientific objective that may produce Datasets. Role - Program Manager A Data Manager, external to BCO-DMO, of the subject of an Agent Role hasPlatformUrl The award Number, or Identifier, for an award. Should be reified into an Identifier resource Role - BCO-DMO Data Manager Towed Vehicle Stationary Vessel producedWork An string signifying the version of the dataset. A role is the influence of an Agent on a Research Activity or Research Product. obsoletedBy Last name of a Person Inter Crossref Relation hasAcquisitionDescription Dataset Monitored Property A program manager of the subject of an Agent Role datasetType Crossref Relation hasDatasetURL Role - Guest The type of dataset. APA An award made to one or more Agents to perform work as part of a larger award. Whether an activity (Project) or Entity (Dataset or Funding Source) is attached to an award. This should probably be brokenn into different terms - :Dataset 'fundedBy' :Award; :FundingSource 'provesAward' :Award; :Award 'fundsActivity' :Project checksumAlgorithm A Lead Principal Investigator of the subject of an Agent Role true Satellite A non-Organization Agent corresponding to a human individual the serial number for some instrument used in collecting data. The format of some DigitalDocument Creative Work Used to describe relations between items that are not the same work. This dataset was collected from an instrument that is located on the platform during this deployment. isArchivedBy The identifier scheme used by some identifer. this scheme defines the space in which the identifier was minted and should be ultimately have a unqiue value within. fromInstrument Island Publication hasProgramDescription Datacite Relation hasOrganizationSubName 2019-03-27 Archive Record A Principal Investigator of the subject of an Agent Role An alternate name for some thing archiver The canonical URL to the HTML page Is the dataset restricted for access by the public. A date range for the start and end of a project Defines the Datasets that are part of this collection A DigitalDocument submitted to an archive as part of an archive record releaseDate Specifies the URL to inspect the data. cruiseIdentifier A BCO-DMO Data Manager who curated the subject of an AgentRole Monitored Property usesIdentifierScheme Principal Investigator isInstanceOf Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) Role - Originator DOI Identifier hasUnitOfMeasure Full name of a Person A collection of one or more Datasets. This was primarily used by the large Programs JGOFS and GLOBEC where it was valuable to annotate datasets by which deployment they belonged to. The same data observations made over multiple cruises would be have a DatasetCollection of multiple DeploymentDataset instances. The last known organization, or affiliation, for a Person. Co-Chief Scientist modifiedDate hasPlatformTitle The APA style for a citation An identifier for a Creative Work. Identifier Scheme - NODC Accession fundedBy firstName A controlled vocabulary of platform titles/types. fix The research activity produced the research product. A URL to an image file of a log for som research activity or organization. Role - Data Manager webpage A Co-Principal Investigator of the subject of an Agent Role The title of a Platform The CreativeWork archived by some Organization described in this record. hasRole lastName Role - Unknown roleAbout Captain Has the dataset been validated by the PI. NODC Accession # The source of funding for an award hasCoordinatedDeployment Drifter A Guest of the subject of an Agent Role A disparate deployment that coordinated in conjuction with this subject for data collection A thing from which a Deployment occurs. fromDeployment Data Manager hasLogoURL Specifies the URL to the Project's Data Management Plan. Unknown An acronym, or shortened name, for a Thing. An international collaborator of the subject of an Agent Role The algorithm of some cryptographic hash The url to some landing page at, or authoritative for, the funding source providing the award Submarine relatedWork Role - Chief Scientist Middle name of a person title Platform hasAuthoritativePublisher Deployment Dataset hasFundingSource Current State hasSmallLogoURL All the roles associated to some Agent The type of relationship defined by Datacite. A FundingSource provides an Award in support of some research activity. Citation Style - APA citationTextGeneratedDate Originator The base class for any research product generated by some activity attributed to some Agent (example: Dataset, Publication, document, etc). A WKT representation of a geometry to use when avoiding Virtuoso's geometry validation. The official logo URL A short description of some monitored property odo:DatasetInstrument is an instance of a odo:Instrument but with project-specific label and definition known by the researcher. The Agent that is the authoritative source for some Creative Work. Was using dcterms:publisher. Technician A brief description of a Dataset A platform is deployed during a specific duration of time over a specific spacial coverage. For example, a boat is a platform. That boat is deployed (sent on a cruise) in order to collect data. A creative work, research product, that was generated due to some research activity. Role performedRole Digital Document hasProjectDescription Laboratory The date which mints the specific version of a Dataset.