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  • 2019-10-15T17:19:04Z
  • We are looking for a sharp, self-directed and detail-oriented analyst for several large data projects.

    This role is ideal for a student in finance or law who is looking to understand the nuts and bolts of how venture capital works and is able to be detail-oriented and extremely conscientious.

    It also will provide a deep and practical understanding of private company financing, M&A and fund operations.

    This role requires at least 15 hours per week of availability and pays $35/hour.

    About the Project:

    We help oversee the world’s largest portfolio of early stage investments. Much of the important data for these investments currently lives in unstructured investment documents.

    This project involves reviewing and parsing the meaning of these investment documents to be able to organize the documents and create structured data. It involves a high volume of detail-oriented investment document review and context-based judgment.

    The ultimate goal of the project is to better streamline fund operations and help inform how capital is allocated to early stage companies.

    In order to succeed and enjoy this role you will need:
    • A solid understanding of basic financial concepts
    • An extreme attention to detail.
    • A willingness to look at thousands of investment documents, learn to understand what they mean, and tag them accordingly.
    • A genuinely deep interest in learning how the nuts and bolts of venture capital works. If you’re not interested in the details, this won’t be a good role.
    • Grit and intelligence. This is a demanding role with high performance expectations. The payoff is a rare opportunity to gain a deep and practical understanding of the way venture capital works.

  • Venture Financing Document Data Operations
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