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    Yeh, I realised that after I posted but have not had time / battery to watch until now. I take it you are interested in the ‘philsophical’ issue Zuckerberg raises about difficulties ‘policing’ a decentralised system versus regulating big corporations like facebook? I don’t buy his point - looking at how badly that’s going - but it is a discussion worth having.

    He then goes into encryption (e.g. messaging) - again a necessary discussion (well aired on the SAFE forum).

    What I’d say is that Zuckerberg (nor any exec or corporation) is not someone who should be deciding or influencing how that happens. The reason Solid is a thing is because corporations (and regulators) have done such a bad job of evolving the web.

    Anyway, thanks for the video. I really don’t like watching / listening to him so I won’t watch it all. He seems odd to me, android [cough] like!

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