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  • 2019-03-01T01:06:46.368Z
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  • 2019-03-01T03:48:16.585Z
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    I just watched a very insightful conversation about Facebook, SocialMedia challenges, and the Solid Project.

    Key Video Segment: .


    Solid is all about providing a platform that simplifies the development of HTTP-based Read-Write Applications & Services where the Privacy of end-users isn’t compromised, implicitly.

    How is that achieved?
    First off, it has nothing to do with compute resources. It has everything to do with structured data representation combined with loosely-coupling of the following:

    • Identity (via a WebID)
    • Identification (via a #WebIDProfile doc)
    • Authentication (various protocols e.g., TLS or OpenID Connect)
    • Authorization (WebACLs)
    • Storage (various LDP and WebDAV supporting storage providers or proprietary alternatives from Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Rackspace, AWS S3 etc… ).

    A third party cannot offer privacy to an individual. That is fundamentally contradictory. A Blockchain doesn’t address the aforementioned issue either.

    The same ingenuity that underlies the Web is what developers and architects need to pay a little more attention re its magical data interaction capabilities.

    This issue is about Application Architecture.

    This is what Solid Addresses and simplifies for Web Developers.

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