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  • Loosely-coupling Identity, Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Access, and Storage is fundamental aspect of the Solid Platform’s value proposition.

    To simplify progressive understanding of what’s outlined above a Solid Pod Interoperability Page has been created that comprises the following:

    1. List of Solid Pods – you can ping via reply to this post in your want to add your WebID to existing list

    2. A User Group – you can ping via reply to this post if you want to add your WebID to the group

    3. A sample WebACL scoped User Group

    4. Basic Read-Write Pod interactions

    Once you are able to successfully interact with the pods listed on the interoperability page, it becomes a much easier undertaking to achieve the following:

    1. Add your pod to the list against which the same User Group WebACLs apply i.e., others should be able to complete the Basic Pod Interaction tests against your pod

    2. Create newer WebACLs to a variety of controlled read-write interactions with your pod.

    I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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