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An Entity of Type : rdfs:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • Registered Organization
described by
  • An organization that gains legal entity status by the act of registration. Compare to org:FormalOrganization that applies to any legal entity, including those created by other legal means. Registered organizations are distinct from the broader concept of organizations, groups or, in some jurisdictions, sole traders. Many organizations exist that are not legal entities yet to the outside world they have staff, hierarchies, locations etc. Other organizations exist that are an umbrella for several legal entities (universities are often good examples of this) [rov:]. A legal person or structure that is organized under the laws of any jurisdiction [lei-elf:].
scope note
  • Registered organizations are the main entities that euBusinessGraph works with (the project is not concerned with unregistered informal groups). The borderline between public organizations and commercial companies is not always clear-cut (a company may be partially owned by government, and e.g. Public-Private-Partnerships are a prime example), so the project may deal with some organizations that are not companies. But for brevity and convenience we often call them Companies [ebg:].
  • All entities listed on an exchange.
  • All financial intermediaries.
  • Banks and finance companies.
  • Counterparties to financial transactions.
  • All entities under the purview of a financial regulator and their affiliates, subsidiaries and holding companies.
  • All entities that trade stock or debt, investment vehicles, including mutual funds, pension funds and alternative investment vehicles constituted as corporate entities or collective investment agreements (including umbrella funds as well as funds under an umbrella structure, hedge funds, private equity funds, etc.).
  • All entities that issue equity, debt or other securities for other capital structures.
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