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An Entity of Type : owl:ObjectProperty, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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editor preferred term
  • located in
example of usage
  • my brain is located in my head
  • this rat is located in this cage
  • a relation between two independent continuants, the target and the location, in which the target is entirely within the location
editor note
  • Most location relations will only hold at certain times, but this is difficult to specify in OWL. See
  • Location as a relation between instances: The primitive instance-level relation c located_in r at t reflects the fact that each continuant is at any given time associated with exactly one spatial region, namely its exact location. Following we can use this relation to define a further instance-level location relation - not between a continuant and the region which it exactly occupies, but rather between one continuant and another. c is located in c1, in this sense, whenever the spatial region occupied by c is part_of the spatial region occupied by c1. Note that this relation comprehends both the relation of exact location between one continuant and another which obtains when r and r1 are identical (for example, when a portion of fluid exactly fills a cavity), as well as those sorts of inexact location relations which obtain, for example, between brain and head or between ovum and uterus
alternative term
  • located_in
temporal interpretation
  • located in
described by
is inverseOf of
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