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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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editor preferred term
  • organism
example of usage
  • animal
  • fungus
  • plant
  • virus
has curation status
  • A material entity that is an individual living system, such as animal, plant, bacteria or virus, that is capable of replicating or reproducing, growth and maintenance in the right environment. An organism may be unicellular or made up, like humans, of many billions of cells divided into specialized tissues and organs.
editor note
  • 10/21/09: This is a placeholder term, that should ideally be imported from the NCBI taxonomy, but the high level hierarchy there does not suit our needs (includes plasmids and 'other organisms')
  • 13-02-2009: OBI doesn't take position as to when an organism starts or ends being an organism - e.g. sperm, foetus. This issue is outside the scope of OBI.
term editor
  • GROUP: OBI Biomaterial Branch
definition source
  • WEB:
imported from
  • organism
  • Organism
described by
  • OBI:0100026
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