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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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editor preferred term
  • planned process
  • planned process
example of usage
  • Injecting mice with a vaccine in order to test its efficacy
has curation status
  • A processual entity that realizes a plan which is the concretization of a plan specification.
editor note
  • 'Plan' includes a future direction sense. That can be problematic if plans are changed during their execution. There are however implicit contingencies for protocols that an agent has in his mind that can be considered part of the plan, even if the agent didn't have them in mind before. Therefore, a planned process can diverge from what the agent would have said the plan was before executing it, by adjusting to problems encountered during execution (e.g. choosing another reagent with equivalent properties, if the originally planned one has run out.)
  • We are only considering successfully completed planned processes. A plan may be modified, and details added during execution. For a given planned process, the associated realized plan specification is the one encompassing all changes made during execution. This means that all processes in which an agent acts towards achieving some objectives is a planned process.
term editor
  • Bjoern Peters
definition source
  • branch derived
curator note
  • 6/11/9: Edited at workshop. Used to include: is initiated by an agent
  • This class merges the previously separated objective driven process and planned process, as they the separation proved hard to maintain. (1/22/09, branch call)
imported from
  • planned process
  • Planned Process
described by
  • OBI:0000011
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