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editor preferred term
  • objective specification
example of usage
  • In the protocol of a ChIP assay the objective specification says to identify protein and DNA interaction.
  • purpose of a study; support of hypothesis, discovery of new information
has curation status
  • a directive information entity that describes an intended process endpoint. When part of a plan specification the concretization is realized in a planned process in which the bearer tries to effect the world so that the process endpoint is achieved.
editor note
  • 2009-03-16: original definition when imported from OBI read: "objective is an non realizable information entity which can serve as that proper part of a plan towards which the realization of the plan is directed."
  • Answers the question, why did you do this experiment?
  • 2014-03-31: In the example of usage ("In the protocol of a ChIP assay the objective specification says to identify protein and DNA interaction") there is a protocol which is the ChIP assay protocol. In addition to being concretized on paper, the protocol can be concretized as a realizable entity, such as a plan that inheres in a person. The objective specification is the part that says that some protein and DNA interactions are identified. This is a specification of a process endpoint: the boundary in the process before which they are not identified and after which they are. During the realization of the plan, the goal is to get to the point of having the interactions, and participants in the realization of the plan try to do that.
term editor
  • PERSON: Alan Ruttenberg
  • PERSON: Barry Smith
  • PERSON: Bjoern Peters
  • PERSON: Jennifer Fostel
alternative term
  • goal specification
definition source
  • OBI Plan and Planned Process/Roles Branch
  • OBI_0000217
imported from
  • objective specification
  • Objective Specification
described by
  • IAO:0000005
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