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editor preferred term
  • measurement unit label
example of usage
  • Examples of measurement unit labels are liters, inches, weight per volume.
has curation status
  • A measurement unit label is as a label that is part of a scalar measurement datum and denotes a unit of measure.
  • A data item label that denotes a unit of measure.
editor note
  • 2009-03-16: review of this term done during during the OBI workshop winter 2009 and the current definition was considered acceptable for use in OBI. If there is a need to modify this definition please notify OBI.
  • 2009-03-16: provenance: a term measurement unit was proposed for OBI (OBI_0000176) , edited by Chris Stoeckert and Cristian Cocos, and subsequently moved to IAO where the objective for which the original term was defined was satisfied with the definition of this, different, term.
term editor
  • PERSON: Alan Ruttenberg
  • PERSON: Melanie Courtot
imported from
  • measurement unit label
  • Measurement Unit Label
described by
  • IAO:0000003
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