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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)

  • immaterial entity
editor note
  • BFO 2 Reference: Immaterial entities are divided into two subgroups:boundaries and sites, which bound, or are demarcated in relation, to material entities, and which can thus change location, shape and size and as their material hosts move or change shape or size (for example: your nasal passage; the hold of a ship; the boundary of Wales (which moves with the rotation of the Earth) [38, 7, 10
  • 028-BFO
described by
preferred label
  • immaterial entity
  • a is an immaterial entity =Def a is an independent continuant which is such that there is no time t when it has a material entity as continuant part at t
  • As for fiat point, fiat line, fiat surface, site.
BFO CLIF specification label
  • ImmaterialEntity
  • BFO:0000141
BFO OWL specification label
  • immaterial
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