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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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example of usage
  • the role of this boundary to delineate where Utah and Colorado meet
  • the disposition of this piece of metal to conduct electricity.
  • the disposition of your blood to coagulate
  • the function of your reproductive organs
  • the role of being a doctor
  • A specifically dependent continuant that inheres in continuant entities and are not exhibited in full at every time in which it inheres in an entity or group of entities. The exhibition or actualization of a realizable entity is a particular manifestation, functioning or process that occurs under certain circumstances.
  • To say that b is a realizable entity is to say that b is a specifically dependent continuant that inheres in some independent continuant which is not a spatial region and is of a type instances of which are realized in processes of a correlated type. (axiom label in BFO2 Reference: [058-002])
has associated axiom(nl)
  • All realizable dependent continuants have independent continuants that are not spatial regions as their bearers. (axiom label in BFO2 Reference: [060-002])
has associated axiom(fol)
  • (forall (x t) (if (RealizableEntity x) (exists (y) (and (IndependentContinuant y) (not (SpatialRegion y)) (bearerOfAt y x t))))) // axiom label in BFO2 CLIF: [060-002]
  • (forall (x) (if (RealizableEntity x) (and (SpecificallyDependentContinuant x) (exists (y) (and (IndependentContinuant y) (not (SpatialRegion y)) (inheresIn x y)))))) // axiom label in BFO2 CLIF: [058-002]
BFO OWL specification label
  • realizable
BFO CLIF specification label
  • RealizableEntity
  • realizable entity
  • Realizable Entity
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