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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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preferred label
  • transferring control
  • A collection of events and a specialization of GainingControl and LosingControlOfAControlledActor. Each instance of this collection is an event in which an object which is under the control of some agent has that control transferred to another agent different from the first. 'Control' here means the ability on the part of an agent to determine 'what happens to' another object or agent. In the case where the thing controlled exhibits 'activities' or 'behavior', this extends to a nontrivial ability to direct or circumscribe some important aspect of the behavior that the object or agent exhibits. An agent with independent goals and purposes that is under 'control' is not able to freely pursue those goals and purposes: i.e., the 'controller' is able to exert some kind of significant and immediate check upon the 'controlled' agent's capacity to pursue its goals at whim. Every TransferOfControl presupposes exactly one Agent_PartiallyTangible who takesControl of the thing being transferred, exactly one Agent_PartiallyTangible who losesControl of the thing being transferred, and one thing that is the objectOfControlTransfer, i.e., the object of the transfer of control. In some cases, e.g., CapturingAnAnimal or TakingAPersonPrisoner, the agent who losesControl coincides with the thing that is the objectOfControlTransfer. You cannot have a TransferOfControl without someone or something that losesControl, however. E.g., finding and taking an (unclaimed) penny in the street is merely a GainingControl. A given TransferOfControl is not necessarily doneBy the agent who takesControl or by the agent who losesControl: it could conceivably be instigated by a third party independent of either of these.
alternative label
  • had transferred control
  • has transferred control
  • have transferred control
  • transfer control
  • transfer of control
  • transferred control
  • transfers control
  • transfers of control
  • will have transferred control
  • will transfer control
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