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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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preferred label
  • influencing an agent
  • A collection of PurposefulActions. In each instance of InfluencingAnAgent, one IntelligentAgent deliberately and successfully influences the actions of another (or at least the other's dispositions to act). This collection is restricted to "influence" through cognitive or emotional channels -- e.g. influencing someone through rational persuasion, through appeals to emotion, or by MakingAThreat. Affecting someone's behavior solely by the application of physical force -- e.g. twisting your arm to make you cry out -- is not influencing in the relevant sense. Also, this collection does not include cases where an agent A influences the actions of B unknowingly -- e.g., by serving as a role model for B, or by unintentionally alienating B. Borderline cases involve the influenced agent acting in a way the influencer did not envision -- e.g. my telling you to be more assertive in your personal relationships, and you responding to the advice (to my horror) by beating someone up.
alternative label
  • work
  • works
  • working
  • influence
  • act upon
  • had influenced
  • had worked
  • has influenced
  • has worked
  • have influenced
  • have worked
  • influence an agent
  • influenced
  • influences
  • influencing
  • will have influenced
  • will have worked
  • will influence
  • will work
  • worked
is subClassOf of
is of
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