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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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preferred label
  • hiding
  • A specialization of AnimalActivity. In each instance of HidingAnObject, one agent hides a physical object from another (or others). 'Hiding' an object means deliberately changing its location with the aim of making its discovery by others unlikely. Note that an object may be hidden by moving it (to a location believed to be obscure), or by moving other things so as to obscure its current location (e.g., by covering the object with leaves). For the first sort of case, see HidingAnObjectByMovingIt. Also note that the object hidden may be the performer herself, as in a game of hide-and-go-seek (cf. HidingOneself). Finally, there is a distinction between the act of HidingAnObject and the subsequent state of affairs in which the object remains 'hidden.' The latter is a merely a type of Situation.
alternative label
  • hid
  • hidden
  • hide
  • had hidden
  • has hidden
  • have hidden
  • hides
  • will have hidden
  • will hide
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is of
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