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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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preferred label
  • code of conduct imposed by government
  • A collection of codes of conduct; a subcollection of FormalCOC (the collection of formal codes of conduct). Each instance of GovernmentCOC is a formal regulation of behavior imposed upon agents -- including citizens, tourists, businesses, government entities, etc., in so far as they are subject to it -- who are located within the legal jurisdiction where that code of conduct holds. GovernmentCOC includes both individual laws and whole legal codes. Some examples of GovernmentCOC include: the Napoleonic Code, the United States Constitution and all Federal, State, and local laws of the United States, and the particular laws against stealing found in most, if not all, countries. Enforcement of a particular instance of GovernmentCOC is authorized by the government associated with that code and carried out by its agents within their jurisdiction(s). See also LegalCode and Law.
alternative label
  • codes of conduct imposed by government
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