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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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  • gaining control
  • A collection of events and a specialization of GeneralizedTransfer. Each instance of this collection is an event in which something comes under the control of (cf. takesControl) some Agent_PartiallyTangible. 'Control' here means the ability on the part of an agent to determine 'what happens to' another object or agent. In the case where the thing controlled exhibits 'activities' or 'behavior', this extends to a nontrivial ability to direct or circumscribe some important aspect of the behavior that the object or agent exhibits. Examples include capturing a wild longhorn and mining for gold. For cases where the thing controlled was previously under the control of another agent, see TransferOfControl. See also GainingControlOfFn. Note that this collection should not be conflated with GainingUserRights. The right (moral, legal, whatever) to make use of something is not the same thing as the ability to control that thing.
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