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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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preferred label
  • exposure (event)
  • An instance of TemporalStuffType. Each instance of ExposureEvent is an Event the central focus of which is something's being exposed to something else for some period of time. (The notion of X's being exposed to Y is difficult to define precisely, but very roughly it means that Y has access to, or can reach, X.) A notable specialization is ExposureToSubstance. For the action that initiates an ExposureEvent, see ExposingSomething.
alternative label
  • expose
  • exposed
  • exposure
  • exposes
  • exposing
  • had exposed
  • has exposed
  • have exposed
  • will expose
  • will have exposed
is subClassOf of
is of
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