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  • expository article
  • The collection of all articles [Article_PCW] which, in the current Microtheory, meet the criteria for articles such that their most salient style is "expository". Such articles are written in a way so as to "lay out the facts", "explain meanings", "describe the truth". Note that although the definition of ExpositoryArticle must meet certain stylistic criteria, the current Microtheory need not claim that the contents of ExpositoryArticles are factual, correct, etc.. Consider the following 4 examples which assume that one is in microtheory which defines "expository" as a "20th Century Scientific Rationalist" person would. (1) Any professional scientific journal article would be a typical positive example of ExpositoryArticle. (2) The writings of ThomasAquinas could qualify as a positive example of ExpositoryArticle even though the contents of his writings might not be considered factual. (3) A _Reader's Digest_ article version of MobyDickNovel would be a negative example of ExpositoryArticle since its contents would be considered a narrative, and thus not in expository style. (Note that, even if said article contained expository tracts on whaling and ships, its most salient overall style would be narrative, and thus not expository.) (4) An article from the "Journal of Irreproducible Results", although fictional, is a positive example because it is written expositorily. To be sure, note that membership in ExpositoryArticle may change as one moves to microtheories which posit different requirements for what is considered "expository". For example, in a microtheory which defined "expository" as per around the time of TheRenaissance, an article-sized excerpt of GalileoGalilei's "Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Ptolemaic & Copernican" could arguably count as an ExpositoryArticle. However, in a microtheory such as MainstreamAmericanCultureMt, it would be much more of a stretch to claim that something in the style of the previously mentioned dialogue would be an admissible element of ExpositoryArticle.
alternative label
  • expository articles
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