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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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preferred label
  • moving
  • A specialization of both ActionOnObject and Movement_TranslationEvent. In each instance of CausingAnotherObjectsTranslationalMotion, one object causes another object to undergo a translational motion. The object causing the motion is related to the event by providerOfMotiveForce (q.v.), while the object which is caused to move is related by objectActedOn and objectMoving (qq.v.). One way to cause another object's motion is to carry it along with oneself (see the specialization CarryingWhileLocomoting); other ways include throwing it, kicking it, or knocking it away. Some instances of CausingAnotherObjectsTranslationalMotion may also be instances of Translation_Complete (such as instances of CarryingWhileLocomoting), whereas others (such as instances of PumpingFluid) may be instances of FluidFlow_Translation. Instances of CausingAnotherObjectsTranslationalMotion include a train transporting passengers, a person pushing a coin into a vending machine, the release of a bowstring which propels an arrow, and a magnet attracting a nail.
alternative label
  • move
  • displace
  • moving
  • moved
  • events of causing another object's translational motion
  • displaced
  • displaces
  • displacing
  • had displaced
  • had moved
  • has displaced
  • has moved
  • have displaced
  • have moved
  • moves
  • will displace
  • will have displaced
  • will have moved
  • will move
  • event of causing another object's translational motion
is subClassOf of
is of
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