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An Entity of Type : owl:Class, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)
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preferred label
  • action
  • The collection of Events (q.v.) that are carried out by some "doer" (see doneBy). Instances of Action include any event in which one or more actors effect some change in the (tangible or intangible) state of the world, typically by an expenditure of effort or energy. Note that it is not required that any tangible object be moved, changed, produced, or destroyed for an action to occur; the effects of an action might be intangible (such as a change in a bank balance or the intimidation of a subordinate). Note also that the doer of an action, though typically an Agent_PartiallyTangible (q.v.), need not be (e.g. a falling rock that dents a car's roof). Depending upon the context, doers of actions might be animate or inanimate, conscious or nonconscious. For actions that are intentional, see PurposefulAction and performedBy.
alternative label
  • deed
  • activity
  • deeds
  • act
  • behave
  • experience
  • acts
  • behaviour
  • behavior
  • activities
  • behaved
  • behaves
  • behaving
  • experiences
  • had behaved
  • has behaved
  • have behaved
  • will behave
  • will have behaved
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is equivalentClass of
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