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  • How many types of business models exist?
  • How many types of business models exist?
  • How many types of business models exist?
  • We can classify business models in several ways. For instance, based on how companies and startups monetize their business, how they deal with their suppliers, customers and the value proposition those companies can offer to several stakeholders. Some business models have always existed, some others are new, others yet innovate by bringing old business models to new industry (take the Netflix business model case study as an example). In this guide, we'll see several business models based on successful companies, tech startups and also more traditional organizations. The aim is to give you an overview of all the different moving parts that comprise a business model. In some cases - take Microsoft or Amazon - there isn't a single way to describe a business model, as some companies have been able to diversify so much their operations to be able to generate value propositions across several stakeholders across many industries. For instance, Microsoft isn't just the company selling the Microsoft Office products. True, that is still an essential part of the business, as of 2017. Yet, Microsoft has many other segments, that are independent of others, and some others that are complementary: From a quick look at Microsoft revenues breakdown from 2015-2017, you can appreciate the changes the company has gone through and the complexity of its business model. Indeed, while Microsoft Office is still the core of the business, other products, such as Xbox, might seem at first sight completely separate segments. However, when you understand that the Microsoft involvement in the gaming industry has proved as a perfect ground for AI systems; you can appreciate how the Xbox becomes the perfect "playground" for innovation in the other company's segments!  Take also LinkedIn, a social media network for professionals. If you look at it merely as a social network, you don't realize the importance of LinkedIn on Microsoft overall business model. In fact, LinkedIn, which is powered by a knowledge graph might be playing a critical role for Microsoft's search engine, Bing. Or take how Amazon back in 2000 was trying to figure out a way to allow other stores to build their e-commerce on top of Amazon, yet it was impossible to do that with its infrastructure at the time. That is why Amazon started to develop that infrastructure, which has now become Amazon AWS: In 2017, Amazon AWS represented the fastest growing segment of the company, and it generated over $17 billion in revenues! Why am I telling you that? As highlighted so far, a business model can be designed. Yet, most of it is about tinkering and experimentation. Thus, the business model design is a tool to accelerate the process of building up a sustainable machine that captures value on the long-run. The key though is to leave that machine unleashed. How do you understand the way the business model moving parts come together? What is the glue that keeps them together?
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