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An instance of this class is an actual integer value for a quantitative property of a product. This instance is usually characterized by a minimal value, a maximal value, and a unit of measurement. This class is a work-around caused by the fact that OWL does only support binary relations, and that datatype ranges cannot be easily handled in OWL. Example: A seating capacity between 1 and 8 persons. Note: Users must keep in mind that ranges in here mean that ALL possible values in this interval are covered. (Sometimes, the actual commitment may be less than that: "We sell cars from 2 - 12 seats" does often not really mean that they have cars with 2,3,4,...12 seats.). Someone renting out two types of rowing boats, one that fits for 1 or 2 people, and another that must be operated by 4 people cannot claim to rent boats with a seating capacity between 1 and 4 people. He or she is offering two boat types for 1-2 and 4 persons.