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A Payment Charge Specification is a conceptual entity that specifies the additional costs asked for settling the payment after accepting a given Offering using a particular Payment Method. A Payment Charge Specification is characterized by (1) a monetary amount per order specified as a literal value of type float in combination with a Currency, (2) the Payment Method, and (3) a whether this charge includes local sales taxes, namely VAT. An Offering may be linked to multiple Payment Charge Specifications that specify alternative charges for various Payment Methods. Examples: Payment by VISA or Mastercard costs a fee of 3 Euros including VAT, payment by bank transfer in advance is free of charge. The total amount of this surcharge is specified as a float value of the hasCurrencyValue property. The currency is specified via the hasCurrency datatype property. Whether the price includes VAT or not is indicated by the valueAddedTaxIncluded datatype property. The Payment Method to which this charge applies is specified using the appliesToPaymentMethod object property. If the price can only be given as a range, use hasMaxCurrencyValue and hasMinCurrencyValue for the upper and lower bounds. Important: When querying for the price, always use hasMaxCurrencyValue and hasMinCurrencyValue.