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An offering represents the public, not necessarily binding, not necessarily exclusive, announcement by a gr:BusinessEntity to provide (or seek) a certain gr:BusinessFunction for a certain gr:ProductOrService to a specified target audience. An offering is specified by the type of product or service or bundle it refers to, what business function is being offered (sales, rental, ...), and a set of commercial properties. It can either refer to (1) a clearly specified instance (gr:Individual), (2) to a set of anonymous instances of a given type (gr:SomeItems), (3) a product model specification (gr:ProductOrServiceModel), see also section 3.3.3 of the GoodRelations Technical Report. An offering may be constrained in terms of the eligible type of business partner, countries, quantities, and other commercial properties. The definition of the commercial properties, the type of product offered, and the business function are explained in other parts of this vocabulary in more detail. Example: Peter Miller offers to repair TV sets made by Siemens, Volkswagen Innsbruck sells a particular instance of a Volkswagen Golf at $10,000. Compatibility with schema.org: This class is a superclass to http://schema.org/Offer, since gr:Offering can also represent demand.